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About us

Welcome to IEC

Intellectual Education centre, IEC was launched in 2015 with the approval of Qatar’s Ministry of Education with the specific aim of equipping and training school going students to achieve best possible results in CBSE, IGCSE, A level, IB examinations and Admission tests like SAT, IIT-JEE and NEET-UG. By means of our unique teaching methods and innovative learning model, we make high quality education accessible to students in Qatar.

New programs are announced at IEC from the academic year 2018 onwards – ACCA and CMA with Bachelor Degree and Professional Degree Programs. These courses would definitely provide better higher education option to students residing in Qatar and innumerable career opportunities on completion.


Our vision is to create an environment that enables aspiring students to broa.den their knowledge and logical skills. This in turn allows us to help them identify their potential and guide them on the path to achieve their goals.


We clearly recognize the requirements and potential of students in Middle East and our mission is to increase their awareness on changing trends in education and career sector and increasing the competitive spirit, thus enabling them to be adequately trained to appear and excel in competitive examinations and choose better career options.

Director Message

The dream of every parent is to equip their children for a glorious career which shall in turn facilitate the child’s bright future. Precisely for this reason, better higher education, particularly in professional courses has become crucial and resulting in higher competition for admissions.

Coaching centers are designed to help students in this very situation. Intellectual Education Centre goes one step ahead and ensures quality teaching and personal attention to all students.

We have a dedicated and highly qualified faculty to handle each subject. Periodic assessment reports are discussed with the parents to know their child’s performance.

We are all-set to go high on our new programs of higher education for school leaving students. Like how we had been a trendsetter in tuition and entrance coaching, we believe that we would also be able to set new patterns and standards in this stream also.

Intellectual Education Centre assures a whole-hearted attempt to guide your child in his/her educational aspirations in a transparent manner that is designed to give full satisfaction to discerning parents.

Mr. Sadik Rahim MSc. BEd. Director
Why choose IEC?

Qualified Tutors

Tutors at IEC are who excel academically, have good teaching skills, and are motivated by a desire to help students.

Regular Assessments

Assessments are conducted at regular intervals which help students to achieve consistency, create a better understanding, test their grasp of concepts, and develop the mindset required to face exams. It goes a long way to fulfill our Vision of increasing the competition level among students.

Great Infrastructure

At IEC, the infrastructure is all set as suitable spaces to learn. Indeed, our high standard facilities are decisive for students to achieve better academic results.